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If you want to enjoy the night in Shianbashi, Nagasaki
Kamadojaya Restaurant

Established in 1978 in Shianbashi
It is widely used by both tourists and local customers.
We have a wide range of customers
In the calm atmosphere
You can enjoy the taste of Nagasaki

Our restaurant focuses on Japanese cuisine.
fish dishes, hot pot dishes, local dishes, course meals, and
and Izakaya menu.
We will continue to serve you with our motto of “handmade
Our motto will continue to be
We will continue to change as if we never change.

two main specialties

Dutch cooker

Our original Dutch hot pot is very popular and contains about 12 different ingredients such as chicken and seafood in a mild soup made of Japanese soup stock of bonito and kelp with milk.

Topped with melted cheese, it is even more appetizing.

It is a Japanese-Western blend hot pot unique to Nagasaki.


Napolitan is a classic Western-style dish that brings back memories.

We invented the “Chapolitan”, which is our original version of such Napolitan mixed with fish paste and champon balls.

Please enjoy it with our special sauce and freshly shaved Italian Parmesan cheese.

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Sashimi of seasonal fish


Sazanami (assorted per person) 1,800 yen
Shiosai (assorted dishes for one person) 2,300 yen

Other single items are also available.

The photo shows “Shiosai” for two persons.

Whale dishes unique to Nagasaki


Kujira(Whale)3-piece dish 2,200 yen
Whale cutlet 1,200 yen

Other single items are also available.

The photo shows the “3 whale dishes” for two persons

Taste of Nagasaki


Hatoshi 900 yen
Breaded shrimp paste, fried to a crisp!
Nagasaki Tacos 800 yen
Nagasaki Soboro (minced pork) and lettuce, topped freely on a gyoza skin that looks like a taco skin!

The photo shows a pigeon.

A wide variety of fried foods


Assorted tempura 1,200 yen
6 skewers, 800 yen

(pork fillet, tsukune, shrimp, squid, young corn, scallop, quail, etc.)

Materials may change depending on the season.

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