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Food Menu

There is a table charge of 400 yen.

Sashimi of seasonal fish

Sazanami (assorted per person) 1,800 yen
Shiosai (assorted per person) 2,300 yen
White fish (flatfish, sea bream, etc.) 1,800 yen
Fishing horse mackerel sashimi, market value
(Price may vary depending on availability)
Flathead sashimi: 1,300 yen
Sashimi of squid 1,000 yen
Local octopus sashimi: 800 yen
Sashimi of turban shell from 900 yen
Sashimi of mackerel 900 yen
Kibina sashimi 800 yen
Red clam sashimi 900 yen more
Vinegared oysters, sea cucumbers (seasonal) 700 yen
The photo shows “Shiosai” assortment for 2 persons.

snack (to have with a drink)

Wasabi octopus 650 yen
Firefly squid pickled in seaweed 650 yen
Yam tanzaku plum paste 550 yen
Yam yam and grated yam 650 yen
Vinegared jako and cucumber 600 yen
Salted squid 650 yen
Squid and natto (fermented soybeans) 700 yen
Grilled eggplant (only in summer) 600 yen
Cold tofu 500 yen
Boiled tofu 700 yen
Stingray fillet 900 yen
The prices shown include tax.


Radish Salad 700 yen
Tofu Salad 800 yen
Shrimp Salad 900yen
Assorted Raw Vegetables 900 yen
Nagasaki Salad 800 yen
Spring Millstones 1,400 yen
Shrimp, swordfish and Japanese vegetables wrapped in rice paper
Served with original sauce!

whale food

Bacon 1,800 yen
Suehiro 1,800 yen
Saezuri 1,300 yen
Kujira(Whale)3-piece dish 2,200 yen
The photo shows the “3 whale dishes” assortment for two persons.

grilled fish

Grilled salted horse mackerel, market price
Grilled yellowtail with salt, from 1,200 yen
Grilled sea bream with soy sauce and sake, from 900 yen
Saikyo-grilled turban shell (dipped in Saikyo miso) from 900 yen
Seasonal food – barracuda, squid, saury, etc.
We serve a variety of dishes according to the season.

cooking by roasting

Grilled turban shells in a jar: from 1,000 yen
Grilled deep-fried tofu with salt and fried in butter (spring – summer): from 800 yen
Sauteed clams with butter, steamed with sake 600 yen
Beef steak (with salad), market price
Grilled young chicken thigh, 800 yen
Grilled squid legs with salt and butter, 750 yen
Grilled beef tongue with butter: 1,350 yen
All prices include tax.

Taste of Nagasaki

Whale Cutlet 1,200 yen
Hatoshi 900 yen
Shrimp paste sandwiched between rice balls and deep-fried to a crisp!
Nagasaki Tacos 800 yen
Nagasaki Soboro and lettuce, topped freely on a gyoza skin that looks like a taco skin!

fried food

6 skewers (pork fillet, tsukune, shrimp, squid, young corn, scallop, quail egg, etc.) 800 yen
Ingredients may change depending on the season.
Assorted tempura 1,200 yen
Shrimp tempura 1,700 yen
Yam Tempura 900 yen
Deep-fried fish paste, 700 yen
Deep-fried soybeans, 700 yen
Spring rolls with eel and mashed potato 800 yen
Fillet Cutlet 900 yen
Deep-fried Young Chicken 800 yen
Deep-fried Tofu 800 yen
Deep-fried Eggplant with Rice Paste 700 yen
Fried Oysters (Winter) 1,000 yen

boiled food・steamed food

Famous miso oden: 800 yen
Konnyaku, daikon, beef tendon, deep-fried tofu, taro, served with red miso and white miso
Broiled hamachi (yellowtail) 900 yen
Rice cooked with sea bream, market value
Steamed egg custard 600 yen
Steamed sea bream with sake, market value
The prices shown include tax.


Chasoba (cold) 700 yen
Chasoba (hot) 800 yen
Soba-zushi 900 yen
Original dish of eel, shiitake mushroom, and cucumber wrapped in brown soba.
Goto Udon (cold) 700 yen
Goto udon (fried) 800 yen

cooked rice

Porridge 600 yen
Rice balls (salmon, plum, bonito) 180 yen per piece
Yaki-onigiri (2 pieces) 400 yen
Ochazuke (salmon, plum) 600 yen
Rice with baby sardines and leaf mustard 700 yen
Rice 250 yen
Miso Soup 350 yen
Red miso soup 350 yen

cooking various things in a pot

Yose-nabe (for one person) 2,000 yen
A hot pot of fish and shellfish caught in the waters around Nagasaki and winter vegetables.
Specialty “Dutch hot pot” (per person) 2,000 yen
A hot pot of fresh seafood and winter vegetables with milk and cheese.
→Risotto-style rice porridge (per person): 400 yen
→Refill of cheese: 200 yen
Fish casserole (per person) 2,000 yen
Seasonal fish and winter vegetables served with ponzu sauce.

Winter-only hot pot

Oyster Miso Hot Pot(1 Serving) 2,200yen
One-pot dish of raw oysters and winter vegetables prepared with miso.

Mackerel shabu (per person) 3,000 yen
Available from 2 persons.
Fresh mackerel, which can also be eaten as sashimi, is quickly dipped in hot water and wrapped with thinly sliced daikon radish and potherb mustard.

hamo shabu (per person) 3,000 yen
Available from 2 persons.

Please make a reservation at least one day in advance.

The price shown includes tax.


Napolitan is a classic Western-style dish that brings back memories.

We invented the “Chapolitan”, which is our original version of such Napolitan mixed with fish paste and champon balls.

Please enjoy it with our special sauce and freshly shaved Italian Parmesan cheese.

Drink Menu


Draft beer (medium) 550 yen
Draft Beer (Small) 440 yen
Pale Ale 550 yen
Asahi Super Dry: 660 yen
Kirin Beer (lager) 660 yen
Sapporo beer (lager): 660 yen
Non-alcoholic beer 550 yen


Kaku Highball 440 yen
Ume highball 495 yen
Grapefruit highball 495 yen

freshly squeezed

Fresh Lemon Sour: 660 yen
Fresh Grapefruit Sour 715 yen


Suntory Horn (700ml bottle): 3,850 yen

Plum Wine

Maoh Plum Wine (refreshing sourness) 715 yen
Kakudama Plum Wine (moderately rich and sour) 660 yen
Nigori Plum Wine (rich flavor) 660 yen
Mango Plum Wine (660 yen)
Non-alcoholic plum liqueur
→(Rock) 440 yen
→(Sour) 495 yen

Sour with alcohol

Grapes 550 yen
White peach 550 yen
Cassis Oolong 550 yen
Cassis Orange 660 yen
Cassis soda 550 yen
White Sour 550 yen
Sangria 550 yen
(Flavored wine from Spain)

soft drink

Oolong tea 330 yen
Coca-Cola 385 yen
Orange Juice 330 yen
Ginger Ale 385 yen
Grapefruit Juice 330 yen
Furuta Shoten’s hand-pulled ramune 385 yen
Pineapple juice 330 yen
The prices listed include tax.

Japanese sake

Hot sake (1 cup) 495 yen
Hot sake (2 cups) 990 yen

Cold sake

We have many kinds.
Please ask our staff directly.


We have many kinds.
Please ask the staff directly.


Red and white wine (half bottle) 1,650yen
Red and white wine (full bottle): 3,300 yen